• Carb Phase 2 Complaint

    Carb Phase 2 Complaint

    Third-party lab tests confirm this product meets strict air quality & formaldehyde emissions standards of California Air Resources Board-Composite Wood Products Regulation.

  • FloorScore


    This certification confirms products have met rigorous criteria for quality control procedures, material formulations, sourcing, and indoor air quality performance.

Laguna Hardwood | Cadiz


Our Laguna Plank hardwood flooring collection is a beautiful 7/16” Thermal Enhanced Engineered European Oak. The thermal enhancement is a natural eco-friendly heat process applied to the wood that amplifies dimensional stability and natural patina of Mother Nature’s alluring creation. This process makes the wood 70% less susceptible to moisture and humidity changes, therefore more structural reliability than traditional hardwood products.


  • Thermal Enhanced – heating process amplifying dimensional stability
  • 70% less susceptible to moisture and humidity changes
  • Richer hues and more uniform color throughout
  • UV Cured High Performance Valspar finish protects floor from wear and damage
  • Wide variety of color and grain variation from board-to-board

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