• FloorScore


    This certification confirms products have met rigorous criteria for quality control procedures, material formulations, sourcing, and indoor air quality performance.

  • Greenguard


    products scientifically proven to meet rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards to help reduce indoor air pollution and risk of chemical exposure.

Ambiance | Maestro


The Ambiance collection features a unique foamed SPC core construction that consists of two LVT A layers with a foamed SPC B layer, resulting in superior dimensional stability vs traditional SPC products. With an overall thickness of 10 mm, this collection allows for minimal transitions to carpet or tile, as well as a quieter environment with reduced sound transfer. Not only that, but Ambiance’s waterproof core protects against spills and splashes. Ambiance has a polyurethane coating that includes anti-microbial properties and extra scratch resistance. Back with a 10-Year Multi-Family, 10-Year Light Commercial and 30-Year Residential Warranty.

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