Property Management

Property managers need flooring that looks great, stands up to years of use and abuse, and is easy to maintain and replace. All with speedy installation and within budget. TAS Contract has you covered.

Why TAS Contract?


  • Our consultative approach focuses on solving your business challenges from the first phone call, until your project is wrapped
  • Wide variety of materials to address all of your property needs, from gyms, entries, laundry facilties and communal spaces, not just your units
  • Classes and guidance is available on floor maintenance, LVT plank replacement, stain treatment and acoustics control
  • Best-in-class service, innovation and expertise saves you time and money

Our Work

Your design and specifications, plus our product selection and deep industry knowledge, equals outstanding results. Here are just a few examples of our work. Contact us today about your project.

Featured Products

Luxury Vinyl

Corsage 2.0 mm

Luxury Vinyl

Cruiser 2.5 mm
Custom flooring is our specialty

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