Why TAS Contract

TAS Contract provides unmatched local flooring products to the commercial construction market. Our full-service team of flooring experts will get you from concept to execution, with products that are high quality, high style and quick turnaround.

Capabilities That Scale

From single apartment renovations to large-scale commercial projects, we start from the ground up with the tools and sundries needed for a great installation. Then the TAS Contract team will recommend the best flooring based on your project design, application, and budget. 

Unmatched Local Inventory

As a local company with over 30 years in the business, our regional warehouses store unmatched levels of inventory. More inventory means greater selection and faster turnaround for your project.

Top To Bottom Service

We start from the ground up, with all that is needed
for a successful installation. 

From waterproofing or leveling a subfloor, to the finishing touches of trim, our services and supplies ensure your project is professionally handled – to look as good as you designed it. 

Sourcing all your supplies and flooring in one place allows for better budgeting and selection of the right tools for the job. 

Plus, sample boards & strap sets, full displays, and discounts on model home flooring, to show off your selection.

Tell us about
your project.

Learn more about our ability to create a custom solution for every project, or send us your questions or comments.

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