Club Wyndham, Kailua Kona

A beautiful vacation ownership resort on Hawaii’s Kona shore with a unique approach on how to renovate in a thoughtful way. While maintaining the comfort of a home and demanding the need for performance of finishes of a high end resort, Wyndham turned to TAS Flooring.

The Challenge

Units were in need of renovations due to time and use. Flooring had been showing wear and became dated in style. The need to update the units was both due to the wear and the dated style and appearance. The previous flooring was ceramic tile and carpet throughout the units. To demo the unit it would require removal of materials, installation of new subflooring and a lot of prep work. This is costly and time consuming requiring the units under construction to be off the market for extended periods of time. Additionally with the water and sand coming in from the beach they needed a durable and waterproof solution for flooring.

The Solution

By using TAS Flooring’s Tandem collection, Wyndham was able to minimize the demo of existing flooring and get the units under construction ready for guests much more quickly with beautiful finished flooring that is durable enough for use in hospitality. Tandem is a floating floor that can go directly over previous hard surface flooring eliminating the need for removal of the previous flooring. This reduces time and cost of installation while providing a durable, commercially rated flooring for hospitality clients.

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