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All of our TAS Flooring branded products must meet ASTM requirements and TAS Contract standards for quality to ensure each product line meets our standards.

We utilize the testing experts at MetalTest. They have dedicated staff with over a 100 years combined professional testing experience.

MetalTest is the only Nadcap and ISO17025 accredited, independent, full service testing lab in Washington state for the markets we serve.

Currently MetalTest serves; Aerospace, Nuclear, Marine, Industrial, Government, Military, Commercial, Medical, Construction, Space and Wood Products Industries.

TAS Contract commonly test for the following in our products. 

ASTM F3261 – Flooring with Rigid Polymeric Core
ASTM F386 – Thickness
ASTM F410 – Wear Layer Thickness
ASTM F925 – Stain/Chemical Resistance
ASTM F1514 – Resistance to Heat Color Change
ASTM F1515 – Resistance to Cold Color Change
ASTM F1914 – Residual Indentation
ASTM F2055 – Size and Squareness
ASTM F2199 – Dimensional Stability with Exposure to Heat
ISO 23999 – Dimensional Stability with Exposure to Heat
ISO 24337 – Determination of Geometrical Characteristics
ASTM D2047 – Static Coefficient of Friction Polished Surface
ASTM F970 – Static Load Limit
ASTM E648 – Flammability/Radiant Flux
ISO 24334 – Locking Strength
ISO 24345 – Determination of Peel Resistance
ASTM E662 – Smoke Density
ASTM E429 – Impact Insulation Class IIC
ASTM E90 – Sound Transmission Class STC