Project Specific Solutions

While every project is different, there are a few challenges that most flooring projects share – acoustics, environmental concerns, and customizable options. Don’t worry – TAS Contract has you covered.

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When the project is in need of a quiet floor with inherent acoustical properties, we have many options to work with. From pad under carpet or hardwood, to fully integrated acoustical solutions within plank flooring, we can help. Share your flooring needs, budget and substrate drawings with your TAS Contract rep, to get project-specific solutions. 

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TAS Contract has many environmentally friendly options to work with. From hardwood to PVC-free plank, our portfolio of responsible options is always growing. All of our products meet environmental standards common in the industry. Contact your TAS Contract rep for project-specific flooring solutions that are environmentally friendly.



Customize your flooring for a perfect fit with your design. The options are virtually limitless! 

When you need to customize for costs, we can do that too. Keep your design intent and hit the client’s budget – who says you can’t have both?

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System Warranty

TAS Contract offers a project-specific System Warranty to their clients on a per-project basis. Our System Warranty provides our clients with added security for their project and peace of mind that TAS Contract will be their direct point of contact and partner during the duration of and up to 1 (one) year after the flooring has been installed. Find out more about what our System Warranty covers here.

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